JAPAN DAY 2020 @ IIT Hyderabad
Build Your Future with JAPAN

JAPAN DAY is an official PR opportunity for Japanese companies to present their companies to IIT Hyderabad students and graduate students for placement, which is co-organized and started from 2018 by Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and IIT Hyderabad. This year will be organized fully online.


Online JAPAN DAY 2020 @IIT Hyderabad

  • Date: 2nd of Oct(Fri)10:00-15:30 IST/ 13:30-19:00 JST
  • Event format:
    Company Presentation (AM) - Zoom Webinar
    Interactive Session (PM) - Zoom Meeting
  • No. of Presenting Company: 20
  • Organizers: JETRO, JICA, IIT Hyderabad
Time (IST/JST) Duration Event
IST 10:00-10:05
JST 13:30-13:35
* Live session
Welcome Address by Dr. Pradeep Yemula, Faculty-in-Charge of Office of Career Services (OCS), IIT Hyderabad
IST 10:05-10:10
JST 13:35-13:40
* Live session
Address by Prof. B. S. Murty, Director, IIT Hyderabad
IST 10:10-10:15
JST 13:40-13:45
* Live session
Address by Prof. C. K. Mohan, Dean, Public and Corporate Relations (PCR), IIT Hyderabad
IST 10:15-10:20
JST 13:45-13:50
* Live session
Opening Remarks by Mr. Takashi Suzuki, Director General, JETRO Bengaluru
IST 10:20-11:20
JST 13:50-14:50
* JETRO will broadcast recorded company PR video.
Group-1 Company Presentation (11 Companies)
  1. NTT Advanced Technology Corporation - Software, Network, Advanced Material Development (IST10:20-10:25)
  2. WOTA CORP. - Hardware, Water (IST10:25-10:30)
  3. AWL,Inc. - Software, Hardware (IST10:30-10:35)
  4. IPS, Inc. – Communication (IST10:35-10:40)
  5. atDose Co.,Ltd. – Healthtech (IST10:40-10:45)
  6. DENSO Corporation - Automobile parts manufacturing (IST10:45-10:50)
  7. I'mbesideyou.inc - Video Analysis AI (IST10:50-10:55)
  8. SEKISHO CORPORATION – Energy, Mobility, Business , Life Solutions (IST10:55-11:00)
  9. Quadlytics Inc. - Medical ×AI, Healthtech (IST11:00-11:05)
  10. kay me Ltd. - D2C apparel (IST11:05-11:10)
  11. Fujitsu Ltd. - System, Software (IST11:10-11:15)
IST 11:20-11:35
JST 14:50-15:05
* Live session
Presentation by Dr. Divya Anand, Nippon Paint “Build your Future with JAPAN”
10m presentation & 5m Q&A
IST 11:35-12:35
JST 15:05-16:05
* Jetro will broadcast recorded company PR video.
Group-2 Company Presentation (9 Companies)
  1. Rakuten, Inc. – IT (IST11:35-11:40)
  2. DG TAKANO Co., Ltd. - Hardware, Healthtech (IST11:40-11:45)
  3. SAgri Co., Ltd - Agritech, Spacetech (IST11:45-11:50)
  4. DATAHORIZON Co., Ltd. - Medical related information services (IST11:50-11:55)
  5. Yokogawa Electric Corporation - Industrial Automation, Hardware, Software, Services (IST11:55-12:00)
  6. Doctor-NET Inc. - IT infrustructure, Software (IST12:00-12:05)
  7. Sansan, Inc. - Cloud business card management service for corporations (IST12:05-12:10)
  8. chaintope Inc. – blockchain (IST12:10-12:15)
  9. Yukai Engineering Inc. - Software, Hardware (IST12:15-12:20)
IST 12:35-12:40
JST 16:05-16:10
* Live session
Closing Remarks by Dr. Kotaro Kataoka, IIT Hyderabad
IST 12:40-13:30
JST 16:10-17:00
50m Lunch Break
IST 13:30-15:30
JST 17:00-19:00
* Live session
Interactive Session with Japanese companies

Time Slots for Interactive Session (Live session by using Zoom)

Time Room A Room B Room C Room D Room E Room F Common Place
JST IST IT services Deep tech Marketing, Management Core Engineering/
Core Engineering/
5:00 - 5:30 PM 1:30 - 2:00
SAgri Co., Ltd NTT Advanced Technology Corporation kay me Ltd. Yokogawa Electric Corporation Quadlytics Inc. DENSO Corporation Any inquieries or informataion
5:30 - 6:00 PM 2:00 - 2:30 PM Fujitsu Ltd. chaintope Inc. I'mbesideyou.inc WOTA CORP. Doctor-NET Inc.
6:00 - 6:30 PM 2:30 - 3:00 PM Rakuten, Inc. AWL,Inc. SEKISHO CORPORATION DG TAKANO Co., Ltd. atDose Co.,Ltd.
6:30 - 7:00 PM 3:00 - 3:30 PM IPS, Inc. Sansan, Inc.


Voice of Alumni

How are your senior taking an important role in the new field, JAPAN?

#1 Divya Anand (Ph.D.)

Technological Environment Maintenance Specialist,
Technology Planning Department at Nippon Paint Holdings Co Ltd

Alumni Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Executive Education) , University of Tokyo (PhD), Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Hyderabad (M.Tech) & Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology(CIPET) Lucknow (B.Tech), JICA Scholarship Student

View More

#2 Rahul Garg

Civil Engineer, Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Company
2017 Batch, Bachelor of Technology (Civil Engineering),IIT Hyderabad
JICA Scholarship Student

View More

#3 Ravi Yadav

Yield Enhancement Engineer, Micron Technology 2015, Master of Science in Physics IIT Hyderabad,
JICA scholarship fellow,

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Photos of the past JAPAN DAY

Living in Japan

JETRO provides useful information for foreigners living in Japan on topics such as hospitals, banks, mobile phones, electricity and gas.
The links are available in English. Please check them out for further information.


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